Back to Art School

Sep 1st, 2012

We all leave the house, grabbing our essentials before we go. The Uniforma art pouch, wallet, and camera strap are a great way to tote them around while updating our daily uniform. I love the durability of leather, bright colors, and functionality of these new back to art school items. Check out how to add them to your everyday and other items to accentuate your daily uniform.

-Contributing Product Stylist- Nikki Katz


1. Fie Top Second Female ($67), 2. Leather and horsehair key chain fuschia ($33), 3. Uniforma Pocket Wallet, 4. Uniforma Everyday Camera Strap, 5. Bloc Necklace Square Pendant ($58), 6. Neon Pencil ($.56/250), 7. Uniforma Art Pouch ($190), 8. Moleskin Plain Notebook Large ($12.21), 9. Hasselblad  Mamiya 645 Pro-TL-SLR Camera ($299.99), 10. Abiline Boot in Ebony ($390), 11. Brown Woodgrain Belt ($36), 12. Maine Guide 5 Eye Boot ($560), 13. SVT-FW44 In Olive by Tsovet ($395), 14. Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Paint, Prussian Blue ($4.89)