Victoria Keddie

Dec 3rd, 2012

What’s your uniform?  Maybe dressing helps you create a new identity every day. Maybe you don the same items each morning because you know what works.  We talked to some of our favorite creative people about how they suit up.

U: What is your uniform, the clothes and gear you need to face the day?

VK: I need my leather trousers. They are sturdy, I can work in them and they keep me warm.  I carry a leather bag that contains certain items I feel are necessary: a MagLite mini, matches, a pocket knife or Leatherman, a notepad and pen. I also need a hat, always-a must to face the day!

U: Why? Does it perform a function, embody an ethos, remind you of a feeling or time or place? Is it for you or for others?

VK: The leather trousers are utilitarian in that they allow me to work and not think about what I’m wearing. For me, wearing clothing that supports a lifestyle where I’m not a show dog is ideal. Also, I’m on foot all the time.  I need clothes and items that allow me to travel and thus the things in my bag are useful; home for me is not always close at hand. That being said, I have my own personal style and I like a bit of adornment.  I’m not decked out in hiking gear by any means. But I need clothes that move with me, that I can eat in, and that can transition from work to play and back again...

U: What would you add if you could?

VK: More money in my wallet. 

U: And what would you get rid of? 

VK: My cell phone. I hate it. It’s like a microwave on my face. 

U: Whose uniform do you admire, even if it's something that wouldn't work for you?

VK: Sean Connery's costume in the Highlander....I think it could work though, hah. 

Victoria Keddie is an artist, curator, and archivist based in New York City. She works in varying media involving film, video, sound, installation, and broadcast. She has programmed events internationally, with a focus on film, video, sound, and hybrid media. As an archivist, she focuses on preserving analog experimental sound and radio collections.

She is the co-director of E.S.P. TV, an analog video live taping event and broadcast on MNN network for video, sound and performance. She is the organizer and co founder of the INDEX Festival (2011), a month long international festival of media and technology, and is the founder of Optics O:O, an archival film program that investigates hybrid filmmaking techniques in collaboration with the Filmmakers Co-op. She is a part of The Archivist Roundtable of NYC, the Association of Moving Image Archivists and the Association of Recorded Sound. She holds a MA in Museum Studies from NYU, with a concentration on Ephemeral Media collections.