Kate Miss

Dec 3rd, 2012

What’s your uniform?  Maybe dressing helps you create a new identity every day. Maybe you don the same items each morning because you know what works.  We talked to some of our favorite creative people about how they suit up.

U: What is your uniform, the clothes and gear you need to face the day?

KM: I am a t-shirt and jeans girl, through and through. My basic uniform, for days spent in my studio alone, is: jeans, t-shirt, button down or cardigan, and oxfords, boots, or sandals. I usually wear a simple bronze necklace from my own line, the exact reason I created them being that they can be worn with anything. My studio doesn't have heat, so I'm all about layers and scarves in the colder months.

U: Why? Does it perform a function, embody an ethos, remind you of a feeling or time or place? Is it for you or for others?

KM: I've gone through many fashion phases in my life but I always come back to comfort and simplicity, less is more. I quit my office job a little over a year ago, and now spend most of my days working alone in my studio five blocks from my apartment, so there's no one to get all dressed up for anymore! It is both freeing and a little sad. I mostly dress for myself and the possibility of getting a little dirty on days that I'm working with clay or sanding brass. But it's funny because I don't let myself go completely casual, even if I won't see another soul except for people I pass on the street on my walk. I won't wear my sneakers or gross t-shirts I reserve for painting in, because the way I dress directly correlates to my overall mood and confidence. When I dress like crap I feel like crap.

U: What would you add if you could?

KM: I spend less money now on clothing, but I miss that freedom of expression a little. If I started working around other people again, I'd take it up a notch and be a bit more fashionable, but for now it suits the environment I'm in. I do have this wish that I could have a certain style that stands out as my own, that people recognize, but I don't think I'm brave or confident enough. Plus it worked when I lived in NYC, but in LA fashion is so much more subtle.

U: And what would you get rid of?

KM: I should probably cut down on obsessively buying button-downs. While looking through my closet for this interview, I discovered I own an insane amount!

U: Whose uniform do you admire, even if it's something that wouldn't work for you?

KM: I like to envision myself channeling Charlotte Gainsbourg or her mom, Jane Birkin, when getting dressed. Cool, casual, that effortless French girl way of making jeans and a white oxford shirt look amazing. I probably just end up looking like Liz Lemon (not that that's a particularly terrible thing), but that's what goes through my mind.

Kate Miss is a graphic designer, jewelry designer, and photographer. She was raised in the Seattle area, shaped in New York City, and now lives in Los Angeles.