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Uniforma Tunic- Women

This is our Uniform.

This tunic was created intially during a project with Maggie Haas and Samantha Roth at an art space, Sight School in Oakland, CA in 2010.  Two years later, Kelly could not stop thinking about that piece she hand sewn and here it is, a new version, but similar to the first one.

This tunic is one of those shirts that can fit big or small, depending on how you like it so it is one size. There is one button in the front with two side pockets.

4.5 oz Bleach Indigo Washed Chambray: 65% cotton, 35% linen

5/8"  2-hole laminated black wood button (made in the USA) with a high wax finish.

From underarm to underarm: 32"

Length from back of the neck: 26 3/4"

From top pocket to top pocket: 24 1/4"

Hand sewn in Oakland, CA.